ALBO INDUSTRIAL CORP. & MICROTEX LIMITED هي واحدة من المشاهير Taiwan المصنعين والموردين والمحولات والمصدرين نسيج الملابس؛ مع المصانع والمكاتب المتعاونة الموجودة في كليهما Taiwan والصين. مع سنوات من التفاني في مجال تصنيع المنسوجات ، نحن معروفون بأدائنا المتميز وخبرتنا التي تزيد عن 40 عامًا في الصناعة ، وبالتالي ، نقوم باستمرار بترقية جودة منتجاتنا لتلبية أو تجاوز توقعات عملائنا. علاوة على ذلك ، لدينا فريق من المحترفين ، والذي يقدم خدمات التوصيل في الوقت المحدد بجودة عالية ، وقد ساعدنا إخلاصنا وعملنا الجاد على مطابقة الجودة مع المعايير الدولية.


ALBO INDUSTRIAL CORP. & MICROTEX LIMITED is a textile trading and textiles manufacturing company that specializes in Clothing Fabric, established in August of 1982 in Taiwan, Taipei City. The parent company Albo is currently located in Taipei City, Xing Dian Dist. The company is responsible for domestic/international business contact; supervision of Taiwan's weaving mill's productions and quality control. The subsidiary company Loomjet Textiles Corp. is located in Zhejiang Province, Shaoxing City. The company is responsible for the supervision of China's weaving mills' production and quality control, also includes some item's production from the stage of the purchasing of yarn to weaving and dying.

Albo's main products are Clothing Fabric such as men's and women's fashion wears' weave, knit suiting, and shirting. Other products include sportswear fabrics, functional fabrics, industrial-use fabrics, medical use fabrics, and home decor fabrics. Our raw materials include cotton, polyester, various synthetic, regenerated, chemical fiber, etc. Our company has given great services to our customers ranging from wholesalers, brokers, agents, purchasers of fashion brands, garment manufacturers, etc.

Albo has been settled in Taiwan's textile market for more than 30 years by the accumulated years of experience and reputation. The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture and export of Clothing Fabric and other textile goods. After receiving the orders from our customers, we process the order according to our customer's needs; from the delivery, either manufacture from Taiwan or China's weaving plant, dying factory and after processing factory working together to produce A-grade fabrics, exporting to all over the world.

Albo has consistently adhered to the business spirit of "ALBO=ALL THE BEST" since founded. The high self-demanding attitude in quality and always run business with an attitude of integrity.

Albo Ind. Corp's mission statement is to constantly adhere to the integrity of the service attitude and excellence of product quality. To continuously provide our customers with more comfortable and secure textile products, in the upcoming future we will constantly discover more fine mills and integrate with all the resources on the market. We'll always uphold the business spirit that "ALBO" is the best to win more customers' trust and support!

The company's goals of sustainable development are the continuous improvement of product development, business accounts development, and manufacturing quality that's aiming for all-around best. High standard maintained with strict quality control, on-time delivery, reasonable price, and reliable sale service and after service. Providing customers with the best quality services with the most professional, friendly attitude and achieve an all-round way of our customer's needs. These are the business attitudes that Albo believes in and insist on doing, so Albo eventually can become a leading team in the industry.

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